Intellij IDEA plugin "emacsIDEAs" introduction


This is introduction to plugin emacsIDEAs of Intellij IDEA.

1) normal jump demo      C-L <char>

2) jump to line end      C-L <space>
   type space to show line end.

3) Jump and Copy         C-L <char>  c <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type 'c' to copy jump area.


4) Jump and Paste        C-L <char>  p <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type 'p' to paste clipboard contents to jump target position.

5) Jump and Cut          C-L <char>  x <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type x before marker_char to cut jump area.


6)Jump and Selection    Cmd-L <char> s <marker_char>

7) during jump, type ESC to exit.

   Preferences... --> Plugins --> Browse repositories -> search "emacsIDEAs" to install




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