Intellij IDEA plugin "emacsIDEAs" introduction


This is introduction to plugin emacsIDEAs of Intellij IDEA.

1) normal jump demo      C-L <char>

2) jump to line end      C-L <space>
   type space to show line end.

3) Jump and Copy         C-L <char>  c <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type 'c' to copy jump area.


4) Jump and Paste        C-L <char>  p <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type 'p' to paste clipboard contents to jump target position.

5) Jump and Cut          C-L <char>  x <marker_char>
   after markers show up, type x before marker_char to cut jump area.


6)Jump and Selection    Cmd-L <char> s <marker_char>

7) during jump, type ESC to exit.

   Preferences... --> Plugins --> Browse repositories -> search "emacsIDEAs" to install





AceJump for Intellij IDEA development notes


** DONE C-I C-R (w | s | l | q | a | A | e | E | p | u | d) 't' 'm' : copy current word/line/paragraph, jump, then replace target word/line/paragraph
** TODO remove space chars (let only one space?)...
** TODO join selected lines
** TODO C-c n <char> to copy until
** TODO add a function like Cmd+Space to left only one space after caret
** TODO let C+, and C+. search exactly for currently selected string
** TODO add Cmd+c to zip copy char to ' '
** TODO access left project file panel to jump
** DONE rename to emacsIDEAs
** DONE remove KeyEventDispatcher
** DONE remove unused comment
** DONE ESC to dismiss markers panel
** DONE bug: when show markers in one file, switch to another file can not jump again.
** DONE supports punctuation chars, such as !@#$%^&*()_-=+
** DONE support max larger than 26 points to jump
** DONE test C-l ' ' will show markers of ' ' '\t'
** DONE test C-l '/' will show markers of line end.
** DONE jump to end of line   
** DONE direct jump to location when only one jump candicate...
** DONE fix bug: when has horizental scroll
** DONE fix bug: when a-z as marker char set, typing 'A' should find 'a'
** DONE acejump selection mode
** DONE communicate system in intellij
** DONE jump to begin 
** DONE acejump line mode
** DONE use different marker color for multiple jump markers
** DONE using C-l C-c for copy, and C-l C-x for cut, and C-l C-s for select
** TODO add C-c f to copy file name, C-c F to copy fullpath filename
** DONE add visiual effect after jump Copy
** DONE move to nearest intention area
** DONE C-c e copy to end
** DONE C-c b copy block
** DONE C-c ' ' A to cut to file beginning
** DONE C-c ' ' E to cut to file end
** TODO C-c P to copy paragraph but not copy trailling }
** TODO C-c E copy to end, but remove trialling unbalanced parenthesis
** DONE C-c ' ' p to cut paragraph
** DONE C-c ' ' ' ' p to select paragraph
** DONE C-c Q to copy quoted string with parenthesis
** TODO NOT_FOUND replace -1
** DONE move focus to editor window when focus on some other window when type C-L
** DONE acejump word mode
** TODO add turn on and turn off function 
** DONE show visual bell when error, such as not such key in document, no such marker char.
** DONE selection by execute two aceJump
** TODO replace char in line A->B...
** TODO shrink less used member variables  ...
** TODO redraw panel when editor window resized.
** DONE copy word, paragraph, in "a"
** DONE add visiual effect after copy-without-selection.
** TODO create markers for left project navigation panel
** DONE show intention after move to quickfix intention...
** TODO replace true and false in key listener handler to boolean constant
** TODO cut to next char location
** TODO Anything in intellij
** DONE support word jump mode
** TODO support line jump mode
** TODO C-c f copy file name, C-c F copy file path name, C-c c copy class name, C-c C copy full class name